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  1. hirondelle

    Whatcha drinkin'?

    Coffee, too much coffee - wish I could drink alcohol but I just can't
  2. hirondelle

    Football Pickems

    Random nonsensical results work in my favour as I make random nonsensical choices. I am beating you and @Timberwolfthe first time ever 🤣
  3. hirondelle

    Pineapple on Pizza

    Soulmate. Knew it. ^
  4. hirondelle

    Playing Hockey

    Oo a blog post - lovely. I love you number 16 ❤️
  5. hirondelle

    What made you sad?

  6. hirondelle

    Hey Spy.

    Lol, I am sure we could squeeze you in somewhere
  7. hirondelle

    Football Pickems

    yay!! Thank you Spy
  8. hirondelle

    The NL Avie Store

    I will add it to my list. ❤️
  9. hirondelle

    The NL Avie Store

    Oo makes me want to read them @Forest Mage she looks like a cool character. Nice paw.
  10. hirondelle

    The NL Avie Store

    I really like the steampunk look at the moment
  11. hirondelle

    The NL Avie Store

    Wow. I love these pics @Forest Mage
  12. hirondelle

    chapter length

    Nice to see you back @Lightningfall, personally I would prefer a long one any day. But like you I do enjoy short punchy chapters.
  13. hirondelle

    What made you happy today?

    Divine intervention from and angel in a t-shirt tux bringing the message 'Love your peoples, people'! Love you Northlanders ❤️
  14. hirondelle

    Football Pickems

    Thank you Spy! @Spyder I think I might be less shit this year.
  15. hirondelle

    Hey Spy.

    Perhaps in an alternate universe the 3 of us are living together in polyamorous bliss. Alt-Kent is probably making us mojitos and rubbing our feet as you read this (also, in our alternate universe I can drink lots of alcohol without vomiting).