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  1. Thirsty....

    Do you think it is some kind of self preservation mind games you are playing with yourself?
  2. worried about treatment

    That sucks @SoulDragon I have two friends who have suffered severe ME. They are both through it and now able to function almost like normal, but it seems you always have to protect your health for evermore. They always know how much energy they have in the tank as it were, and are very careful not to deplete it, protect their immune system, avoid stress etc. And that is now they are WELL. They had to do a lot of resting / therapy to get there,,, so you will have to be patient. If your company bails on your benefits are you entitled to govt support?
  3. heh no worries... everyone does it, but I only correct people I care about
  4. NSFW - my doodles

  5. NSFW - my doodles

  6. NSFW - my doodles

  7. What made you happy today?

    Me three! Let's quit work and write, Oh, wait...
  8. Amusing Pictures

    This one reminded me of @fox not sure why Probably the swearing, and the nihilism
  9. Usually academic organisations have a word count plus or minus x% (in the UK 10% seems to be the standard) so I would make sure that isn't stated anywhere before exceeding the word count by too much. It depends on the focus of the assignment. If it is more of a language focus I think it is fine without percentages, but if the point is persuasive / realistic business case without figures it would be tough to get it through (real world). I would be tempted to make up the stats (I do this all the time in my work too haha). Educated guesses, not complete fiction. I won't have time to reread today but if tomorrow (Friday) is ok I might have time then. My name is Tracy. No e. Just like Icewlf has no o. It's important to me.
  10. Old Face, New Name

    Welcome home cousin, nice new name! I am glad you have found your way here at last. How have you been doing?
  11. Missing - Part 1

    Arrrggghhh... you keep starting things and I get excited and then you start another thing!!! It's a good start. Another good start.
  12. My Fairy Tale

    tough story @Tika I am sorry you went through that
  13. They should masturbate, but not on cam to strangers... picky picky picky
  14. Thirsty....

    haha come on @icewlf there are beautiful Thai girls everywhere... we just can't seem to persuade you to take one home
  15. Doubts

    I think it doesn't even occur to him to be any other way. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a douche! I am loving this sooooo much!