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  1. Kethlia

    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    Kid shows or NCIS depending on which kid as the tv
  2. Kethlia

    The Last Movie You Saw: At Home or Theater

    It is always played in Rioblane's home thanks to the kids. And certain songs get me through my day at work.
  3. The other side scene from the movie The Greatest Showman
  4. Kethlia

    The Last Movie You Saw: At Home or Theater

    The Greatest Showman.
  5. Kethlia

    Auto correct word association

  6. Kethlia

    Auto correct word association

    Like word association but this time we let our phone do the smart talking. Sanjay (santa?)
  7. Kethlia


    421, same timber I don't like anything that mess with me.
  8. Kethlia


    Yes, I focused on the world of Shannara where Allanon still lived and the pre-Shannara with the Word and Void trilogy.
  9. Kethlia

    Happy [insert your holiday here]!

    USA Holidays
  10. Kethlia


    Yumi, is here because she um, is here now? What can Yumi do? The tree walker looks toward the source of the welcome and becomes baffled. Her eyes trail along the outfits form. The stars are talking to Yumi. Yumi looks farther up and sees a woman. She waves her paw in the friendly fashion of humans and gives a toothy grin.
  11. Kethlia


    A line etches it's way between the lake and forest. It widens at the center and warps around a form that looms out of it's light filled depths. A hulking shadow lengthens in front of the form. The line then fades from view. Yumi didn't touch the red pull thingy! A furry form stands surveying the scene. It's fur bristles with anxiety at the new surroundings and friendless possibilities. Is anyone here? Yumi is um, just visiting.. As the light of the new realm shine gently on the newcomer it reveals a slightly larger than average red tree squirrel. With muted markings that tell of it being a female one to boot.
  12. Kethlia


    419 gasps
  13. Kethlia

    What made you angry today?

    Hugs! Replanting all the trees lost we help regulate climates again.
  14. Kethlia


    Welcome back dearest Dark Sister. Enjoying your stay or getting lost around the many delightful posts and forum threads?
  15. Kethlia

    NSFW - my doodles

    A part of me wants to say that it can still be your life just without all the inner and outer pressure to be your best. Yes, perfectionist will argue it has to be right the first time but the point is to make it fun. It is another stepping stone to stand on and then surpass. These are beautiful reflections of who you are in that moment. May we have more of your pictures to enjoy whenever they come about?
  16. Kethlia


    417 tickles
  17. Hugs and Nips!

    1. Aliea


      Hello beautiful *snugs and nips back*

  18. Kethlia

    So, am I the only one here...

    I still hoard my hardcopy books but I do also love ebooks. Granted I had restricted access to the internet for a year so hardcopy books of my favorites are always near at hand. I dream of having a beautiful library too.
  19. Kethlia


    Anything I've read I have mostly written fanfics. From Terry Brooks, T.A. Barron, Kim Harrison, Tamora Pierce, Manga, Manwa, to videos like 12 Kingdoms.
  20. Kethlia


    415 hugs!
  21. Kethlia


    Meh, just be you. Life happens but this can be another oasis for your peace of mind.
  22. Kethlia


    ^ my mother's height. 413
  23. Kethlia

    What Made You Feel Proud Today?

    Finally recieved recognition for increasing our speed of service and customer connection from the grocery store. Wow!
  24. Kethlia

    She made me happy today

    Beautiful and already a heartbreaker.
  25. Kethlia